On 2 February 2009, under the heading "Club plans £1.5m park expansion", the Dundee Courier announced the imminent arrival of Dundee East Community Sports Club (DECSC) and detailed the new sports organisation’s development plans.


The DECSC, launched in time for the 2009-10 football season, is made up of Broughty Athletic Football Club, Broughty United Amateur Football Club, Broughty United Youth Football Club and Douglas Lads Clu. The fore clubs jointly applied for planning permission to construct two portable buildings at Whitton Park, to be used as changing facilities.


Broughty Athletic President Gordon Deuchars and Chairman of DECSC told the Courier in Febriary 2009: “Our current facilities are very limited and this is the first step in bringing the clubs together. The clubs all change throughout Dundee but they will be able to share the facilities.


“We have ambitious plans to turn Whitton Park into a stadium further down the line. It would be a stadium with Astroturf training ground facilities and a new clubhouse. We’d also be looking at having an indoor gym and parking facilities.


“At the end of the day it would benefit the whole area.


“I think we’d need about £1.5 million to get everything in place but I think it’s achievable. We would need to raise the money through sponsorship and try to get Lottery funding.


“The plans are being worked on and I’d think it would take us five years to achieve our goal. It’s exciting and it’s a lot of money but I don’t think it’s beyond us.”


The primary object of DECSC is to promote and nurture sporting activities at grass roots level within Dundee East and this will be partly done by expanding the Club to encompass a number of local sports.


"We are initially focussing on football," states DECSC Chairman Gordon Deuchars, "but as DECSC develops we plan to expand into other sports including golf, tennis and rugby."


To date, four previously mentioned football clubs have become DECSC founder Group Clubs and in doing so have provided an immediate membership of 400 for the DECSC, ably supported by around eighty volunteers.


The Group Clubs have players ranging from Under 9's through to adults and DECSC is already well on its way to achieve one of its aim i.e. providing well organised football opportunities from six years old right through to retirement!


Leading the way is Broughty United Youth Football Club, who are holders of the Scottish Football Association's Youth Action Plan Quality Mark. The standards achieved and maintained by Broughty United Youth Football Club will underpin all the activities undertaken by DECSC, whose other two aims are as follows:

1. To provide a safe and friendly environment for kids and adults of all ages.

2. To form links with local schools and provide coaching to the community.