The Scottish FA Quality Mark is a youth football initiative which supports grassroots club development. With over 400 Scottish clubs and schools already participating, morte than 8.500 coaches have directly benefited from coach development and first aid training to date.


With the support of partners at McDonald's and the Big Lottery Fund, the Scottish FA works with grassroots clubs and schools to broaden and increase youth and community participation as well as enhancing player, coach and volunteer development.  


All three DECSC youth clubs - Broughty United, Douglas Lads and Ferry Athletic - have attained the Scottish FA Quality Mark Standard Award, which ensures that basic club operating standards are in place. Putting basic criteria in place contributes to a more robust and sustainable club strucuture. By establishing a basic club strucuture, the Scottish FA continues to work with clubs who wish to grow to "Development Club" status. 


Broughty United Youth Football Club attained the Standard Award in August 2006 and Ferry Athletic Youth Footbal Club attained the same award in 2007.  


Broughty United Youth Football Club then gained Development status in October 2009.  The Development Award shows that a club has demonstrated a commitment to creating a player pathway and to the development of players through a number of age groups including girls’ football.


All Broughty United YFC teams have a coach that has attained a Level 3 'Coaching In The Game' certificate and 2 coaches have attained the Level 4 'Basic Childrens Award' from the Scottish FA Coach Education & Coach Development Programme.


This award also shows that the Club has demonstrated links to local Primary and Secondary Schools, providing school pupils an opportunity to train or play where a school team does not exist  


Douglas Lads Club achieved the same Development level in November 2010 and received their certificate at the Quality ark awards presentation on Saturday 19 February 2011 at East End Park, Dunfermline. 


When the Development status award to Douglas Boys Club was announced,  the then club website issued a timely warning about the dangers of being satisfied by past achievements and the need to strive for even higher standards: 


“A lot of work went into achieving this award and I would like to thank all managers and coaches for their time and dedication.   


“Now we have the award it doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax - oh no no no - it means we have to keep up to the standards of the award title.” 


In November 2010 Broughty United Youth Football Club was awarded the Community Award (see photograph below, right) which was regarded as a huge step in the club's progress. 


The key objective of the Community Award is to ensure that players are encouraged to stay with the Club and continue to play, train and compete at their chosen level whilst developing a sense of Community belonging. 


Broughty United Youth Football Club currently has nine teams representing children, youths and girls. While we also have links to local adult amateur and Junior football teams. The 'Community Club' status shows that the club is dedicated to seeking and identifying talent, developing this talent, and to produce young players capable of performing at their maximum level. 


The club received their certificate at the Quality Mark awards presentation on Saturday 19 February 2011 at East End Park, Dunfermline. Congratulations went to all the BUYFC team managers and officials at the time but a special mention was reserved for BUYFC Coach Co-ordinator Niall Nicolson who was credited with doing a power of work recently to make this happen and the BUYFC club expressed their gratitude for his dedication and effort.  


Broughty United Youth Football Club currently has nine teams representing children, youths, girls and has links to local adult amateur & Junior football teams. The 'Community Club' status shows that the club is dedicated to identifying & developing talent and allowing these young players to perform at their maximum level. 


Each club in the Scottish FA Quality Mark scheme is audited to ensure they continue to comply. In January 2012 Ferry Athletic Youth Football Club were presented with their latest Standard level certificate at an award ceremony at Tannadice Park in Dundee.