There are a number of required improvements to Whitton Park which have been identified.



Whitton Park has only one pitch, a grass pitch, and this limits the number of times the facility can be used. With a 3G Astroturf pitch Whitton Park would be transformed, playing host to four or five matches every week-end as well as enabling the playing area to be divided for training purposes and accommodating up to three teams at any one time.



The Dundee East Community Sports Club is initially expected to have thirteen teams but the organisation expects to substantially increase this level of activity in subsequent years and the advent of a separate training pitch adjoining Whitton Park, subject to planning permission, is very much desired.



The existing changing room, toilet and storage facilities at Whitton Park will not be able to cope with the additional teams which will form the enlarged DECSC and there is a demand for a new pavilion which can provide the basics and other needs such as a separate physiotherapist’s room, a fitness room and a laundry facility.



At present there are no spectator facilities at Whitton Park and a new pavilion would offer the chance to rectify this deficiency, deficiency, as an artist's impression (shown above) illustrates.


SECURE PERIMETER FENCE As stated elsewhere on this site, the present perimeter fence at the ground, corrugated iron for the most part is in an increasing dilapidated condition and requires to be upgraded, and all the more so when other enhancements to the ground take place.



Car parking facilities are barely adequate for normal League games at Whitton Park. These will need to be addressed in conjunction with other ground improvements.



DECSC is entered in the Scottish Charity Register - Registration No. SC040408